Sterling & Gold-Filled Necklaces and Necklace Sets

One-of-a-Kind Statement Necklaces & Sets

This section contains stunning One-of-a-Kind Statement Necklaces and Necklace/Earring Sets made from Sterling silver or Niobium and premium gemstones.

Chainmaille-wrapped Cabochon Pendants & Sets

These cabochons are wrapped with Sterling silver or Gold-filled European chainmaille. Available on satin cords or matching chains.

Solid Sterling Necklaces

This section contains necklaces made from only Sterling silver, including single Sterling chains and necklaces with Sterling accents.

Celtic Star Pendants

These pendants are made from Sterling silver, Gold/Rose Gold-Filled, or Niobium wire in a 6-pointed Celtic Star pattern. Available in 4 colors, on either satin cords or matching chains.

Graduated Candy Cane Cord Pendant & Earring Sets

These pendants and earrings are made from Sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. Available in 8 stones, on Sterling chains. Sold as sets.